The Promising Grape is an initiative of the Sand & Berg vineyard.

I’ts objective is to create a context and an aesthetic framework in which a synergy takes place between the art of making wine and that of making a work of  art.

The wine of The Promising Grape is a Dolcetto d’Alba D.O.C.

The grapes are from a vineyard near San Stefano Belbo and are ripened in oak casks 

The plan is to invite a young international artist every year to create a work on the basis of the wine.

             The work can be offered as an original edition but can also serve as the basis for the label of The Promising Grape.


The 2019 edition features an artwork by Tiberius Sanders.

The 2020 edition features an artwork by Tariq Heijboer.

The 2021 edition features an artwork by Sophie Steengracht

The 2022 edition features an artwork by Björn Knapp

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