The Perceptive Grape is an initiative of the Sand & Berg vineyard.

The objective is to create a context and an aesthetic framework in which a synergy takes place between the art of making wine and that of making a work of  art.

The wine of The Perceptive Grape is a Langhe Chardonnay D.O.C.

The intention is to invite an international artist to create an artwork on the basis of the wine.

The work can be offered as an original edition but can also serve as the basis for the label of The Perceptive Grape.


The 2024 edition features an artwork by Alissa Coe Studio

Alissa Coe

2024 Edition

The Perceptive Grape

Original artwork for label design The Perceptive Grape

Alissa Coe

Flora Pleno

This sculpture is inspired
by the strength
and intricacy of floral forms.

Hand built in stoneware.
47 cm H x 56 cm W x 29 cm D

Alissa Coe label design The Perceptive Grape

Langhe D.O.C. Chardonnay 2021
The grapes are harvested between the first and second week of September.
In the cellar, the grapes are destemmed and then gently pressed.
The must is immediately racked into oak barrels where it undergoes fermentation.
Barrel ageing lasts a whole year with constant batonage of the yeasts inside the barrels.
The wine is then racked into steel where it spends a winter to stabilise at low temperatures.
It is then bottled in spring, about 20 months after the harvest.

bottles are numbered
artist signed bottles

13,5% Alc / 75 cl

Alissa Coe is a ceramicist who works with her husband Matias Silva in a small studio located in the beautiful hills of the Alta Langa in Piemonte, Italy where they have made their home. Alissa has worked with ceramics for more than 15 years focusing primarily on sculpture and accessories for luxury residential and hospitality projects. Since moving from Toronto in 2018 she has been increasingly influenced by the nature that surrounds her, compelled to create work which attempts to express the strength and magic of her environment.

She draws inspiration from the raw natural materials around her, the intricate details of the forest landscape, the permeating calm, and the sense of timelessness. She aims to imbue her work with some of these characteristics, making objects that are capable of silently communicating the feeling of this special place to others.

Alissa studied industrial design at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada and graduated with a Bachelor of Design. She was introduced to ceramics while studying and her immediate love for the material and processes changed the course of her life.

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