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The Promising Grape 2019 Tiberius Sanders


Dolcetto Nero 100%, hand picked on the hills in Cossano Belbo. When received in the cellar, they are destemmed, crushed and stored in steel tanks. Fermentation takes place at temperatures ranging between 25 and 28°C. The must/wine macerates for a week and then is pressed. Only the wine obtained from the softest pressing will constitute our Dolcetto d’Alba. When the malolactic fermentation is finished, the wine is put into the older barriques, so that its strong varietal aroma is preserved and, at the same time, the short aging enhances its body and structure. Here it remains for two months and then returned to steel tanks until bottling.

colour : ruby red with violet reflections.

aroma : open, intense and very fruity. Characteristic of strawberry jam, violet, cherry, slightly spicy.

taste : on the attack you notice a soft tannin well integrated with a moderate body, good length and remarkable balance with its acidic part.

bottles are numbered 38/300

edition: 2019

Dolcetto d’Alba

12,5% Alc. 0,75L